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Thursday, February 7, 2019

How To Rock Your Makeup with Spects

How To Rock Your Makeup with Spects

Hello Everyone,
It can be quite difficult to create attractive eye makeup with glasses. I am also a glasses wearer girl and many other girls who wear vision glasses  are familiar with the problem. So here are some easy tips for those girls who wear glasses.

1.Check your eyes size

Checking your eyesize with glasses is really imporat to enhance your makeup. So first look at yourself in the mirror with your glasses  and check  how your eyes appear behind your glasses smaller or larger. If your eye appear smaller apply heavier make up and lighter colours ,if eyes appear larger behind lenses, darker shades and less make up is needed to achieve a great eye look.

2.Use Lash Curler

It is the best way to keep your lashes from sticking out and bumping against your lenses. Using a lash curler depend on how long your lashes are, will determine whether or not you need to curl them before applying mascara. If you have naturally short lashes pull out the curler, for long skip the curler after all you don’t want any streaks of black on your lenses.
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Mascaraed lashes will leave behind smudge marks on the lenses with every blink. Wearing glasses requires a quality smudge-free or waterproof formula of mascara. So it will stay on your lashes instead of rubbing against lenses.
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4.Eye Shadow

The colour of your eye tells you what colour shadow will suit on you. Gold tones and coppers eye shadow complement blue eyes, pinks and plums complement green eyes, browns, gold and greens look great with hazel eyes and brown-eyed girls are the luckiest because they look great in basically any colour like gold, blue and purple.
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5.Brighten Up with Concealer

Under eye concealer is key to brightening up under your eyes, especially when the frames of your glasses cast shadows below your eyes. Make sure your concealer is one shade lighter than your foundation. This will brighten the eye up.
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If you are near-sighted and you want to make your eyes look bigger. Apply bold liquid liner on the top lash and a creamy pencil liner on the bottom. If you want more attractive look, use color liner on the top or bottom of your lash line,If you are far-sighted, use a thin coat of liquid or pencil liner on the upper lashes.
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Highlight will frame your face and give you and extra pop. Highlighter should be below your eyes, down your ‘t-zone’, and down your nose;, above your cupid’s bow and right above your chin.
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Eyebrows should be well shaped, neat and plucked because eyebrows give your face an instantly polished look. Fill in your eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil .
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Ahh!!! Wait…wait…Don’t forget to complete your look with light and bright colour lipstick or lip gloss. Always apply a good quality lipstick.So here you are ready now.
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  5. I feel mascara, eye liner and eye lash curler are the most for bigger bolder eyes.. thanks for highlighting the products I can consider for the same.

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