Thursday, August 15, 2019


You, Me – We all are very busy in our lives. Yet, when it comes to our families, our close friends, we are always there for them. To love them. To protect them, to the best of our abilities.
But ever wondered about a force that selflessly works to protects us, so that we can have a sound sleep? A forcethat safeguards our private and leisure time? A force that ensures our festivals are celebrated with much joy,without dampeningour enthusiasm?This force my friends, is the Mumbai Police Force. A force that prioritizes the safety and security of our families and friends over theirs.

While we acknowledge their work, what we generally miss is expressingour gratitude to them.Believe me, even the smallest act can do wonders. Today, I saw an opportunity in RakshaBandhancoinciding with Independence Day. I visited the brave policemen and women of South Mumbai and was delighted to tie rakhis to them. I thanked them for protecting us and had a healthy discussion on what Mumbai trulyneeds Independence fromin today’s time?

While there are a lot of issues that needs to be addressed, however, what urgently requires attention is - independence from pollution and how we can protect our environment.Don’t believe me? Well here are few facts… -   Mumbai is the 4thmost polluted megacity in the world-   9 in 10 people in Mumbai are breathing polluted air that causes various respiratory ailments-  The pollution rate in Mumbai this August, when measured by experts, was as high as 75.28%
Can we do anything about this? Yes, we can - both in our individual and collective capacity. Perhaps, let’s start by protecting existing trees and planting more.

Keeping this in mind, I embedded a seed to the rakhis I tied to the police force. The seed on the rakhis when planted, would turn into a beautiful sampling – thus reinforcing the idea of planting more trees to reduce pollution as well as protecting our environment.

I don’t know whether this gesture was big or not. I leave it to your wisdom. However what made me happy was noticing the smile on the faces of these policemen and women acknowledging my gesture. Tying these seed embedded rakhis gave me an opportunity to express my gratitude for the relentless work the police force undertakes to not only protect us, but also the environment.

This is my independent India’s new resolution. What’s yours?
Article by Krupa Shah.

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